About me

Hi, I’m Anzor!

I am a Software Architect at Mappedin. I entered the world of Web and HTML5 development back in 2011. When working as an Enterprise Support Analyst at BlackBerry, I decided to create my first cross platform application, only to realize that the current solutions (jQuery mobile et al) lacked the UI/UX, functionality and performance that I was after. Native apps had beautiful animations and transitions, while their web counterparts were clunky, and obviously just mobile websites masquerading as "apps".

I knew I could do better. I figured that the foundation to a solid cross-platform UI framework is:

  1. UI/UX
  2. Performance
  3. Developer experience
  4. Accessibility

I spent my evenings, weekends and holidays knees deep in code and Chrome Developer tools, writing a UI framework that empowered developers to build apps as beautiful as those built in Xcode, while using modern web technologies. It became a hobby that I enjoyed very much (at the expense of a social life, oh well 🤓)

My work at Developer Relations deepened my knowledge and experience with HTML5, having worked with teams from fortune 500 companies and carriers (Orange France, Verizon and others); debugging, providing code samples and writing blog posts to ensure timely delivery of their applications for BlackBerry 10 launch. In addition, I’ve acquired a presence in the tech community by speaking at events in the workplace, speaking at local meetups, and presenting at the FITC in Toronto.

Fast forward two years, the n-th iteration of said framework was made an official product at BlackBerry, I was given my own team and spent my time traveling office to office around the globe educating teams on how they can leverage it to build high performance applications that empowered thousands of employees.

Here's an application I built for a Hackathon using that very framework:

I thrive in environments where technology is constantly evolving; I am always open to learn.

I maintain an open door policy and spend a lot of time sharing my knowledge with others. Lately, I've been focused on Design Systems, and ways to bridge the gap between developers and designers. This is a fascinating topic, which if done right can drastically reduce code smell, while improving communication between Design and Dev. I enhance education in my workplace by hosting monthly live coding sessions with topics that cover the different technologies and coding techniques that I've acquired along the way.

I believe in well structured, modular, and thoroughly tested code, displayed beautifully on every form factor and screen.

Here's a few technologies that I enjoy working with:

ES6, React, MobX, Redux, CSS/SCSS, Styled Components, Styled System, Jest, Storybook, Kefir, NodeJS, Electron, WebGL, ThreeJS, GraphQL, Yarn...

Thanks for reading!